Relive Midwest Memories with Wood Maps

If you didn’t already know, the Midwest is considered the heart and soul of America. With everything from stunning lakeshores to lush National Forests, what’s not to love? So, whether you grew up swimming in the Great Lakes or have recently fallen in love with one of these states, you can celebrate your love for the Midwest with a wood map all year round.  

Exploring the Midwest 

Chicago, Illinois 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

If you weren’t lucky enough to grow up surrounded by the beautiful nature of the Midwest, consider putting it on your bucket list. The Midwest states have it all, from the big-city nightlife of Chicago to quaint small towns and beaches along the shores of the Great Lakes. Find endless adventures when you visit the Midwest. 

If you’re a fan of lakes and rivers, the Midwest is the right place for you. Stay at a precious bed-and-breakfasts along the coasts, explore the exciting water parks in the Dells, or camp on the lakeshores. Next time you’re planning a nautical vacation, prepare to experience that famous Midwestern hospitality. 

What Are the Great Lakes?

It’s impossible to explain the Midwest without noting the Great Lakes. The Great Lakes are a chain of five deep, freshwater lakes in the Midwest. Fun fact: the Great Lakes are known for being the largest freshwater system in the entire world, spanning a surface area of 94,6000 square miles. Connected by different lakes and rivers, they’re often the main attraction when visiting the Midwest.

The Great Lakes are beloved around the country, and everyone could do with evidence of their legacy in their home! Great Lakes maps are a popular choice of home décor, from summer houses off Lake Erie to homesick natives who’ve moved away. Great Lakes maps are one of our favorite ways to celebrate the Midwest in our everyday lives. 

The 5 Great Lakes

Lake Huron Beach with Huron Written in the Sand

Don’t forget the five different gorgeous lakes that make up the Great Lakes map system! Whether you’re trying to road trip the Midwest and see each one or are after a wood map of your favorite lake, they’re unforgettable:  

  1. Lake Superior
  2. Lake Huron
  3. Lake Michigan
  4. Lake Erie
  5. Lake Ontario

How to Commemorate Your Midwest Travels

Now that you’re inspired to plan your next vacation around the endless lakes of the Midwest, you’ll need a perfect wood chart to remember the trip when you return home. For a timeless and high-quality memento, choose from our extensive collections of beautiful Midwest wood charts. Relive the memories with different styles of Great Lakes maps while you’re back in your comfy home. It’ll feel like you never left!

What is a Wood Chart?

Wood charts are three-dimensional depictions of different maps from around the globe, using intricate laser technology to create accurate curves and lines in high-quality birch. Every layer of a map is shown, from the lowest valley to the highest mountain peak, using the study of topography. This art form blends science with the love of travel for a popular way to display your favorite wood maps in your home, from the Great Lakes maps to Chicago wood charts. 

Why Choose a Midwest Wood Lake Map?

Lake Superior Cribbage Board

Skip the flimsy Great Lakes maps at the gift shop and invest in a sturdy and well-designed wood map for a memento that will stand the test of time. Wood maps go further than depicting a specific lake or island—they can evoke memories and feelings with just one glance. Each wood lake map is expertly detailed to show each location and curve of water, recreating every unforgettable location with precision. When you look at your timeless wood lake map, you’ll relive your memories time and time again. 

Wood lake maps of your favorite Midwest vacation spots are a perfect family heirloom. Whether your entire family travels to the same beach house annually or you remember growing up visiting grandma in Michigan, there’s a Great Lakes map perfect for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Settle around a Lake Superior Cribbage Board or design your home décor around a Chicago, Illinois, 3-D Nautical Wood Chart. Your kids will grow up appreciating the stunning designs of the wood lake map that could be passed down to them one day. 

3 Reasons Why You Need Midwest Maps:

  • Decorate your home
  • Commemorate a special spot
  • Find unique lake art

Wood Lake Maps Can Decorate Your Home Post-Vacation

Great Lakes Clock

Whether you’ve grown up surrounded by the Great Lakes or fallen in love on a recent trip, wood lake maps are perfect for decorating your home. Bring the memories and the vibe of your vacation into your space every day and enjoy the sights of each wood chart. Put up a Great Lakes Map Clock on your gallery wall and relive the nostalgia with every glance. 

If you traveled to the Midwest and fell in love with the nautical vibes, wood lake maps are the perfect way to mimic that at home! Bring that high-seas ease into your space with a wood chart and instantly recreate that feeling of your time on the lake. Wood charts are perfect for bathroom décor, a gallery wall above your living room couch, or even a Great Lakes map serving tray for useful décor around the home!

Commemorate a Special Spot for Your Family with Wood Maps

Great Lakes Serving Tray

Are you feeling nostalgic about your Midwest childhood? Looking to immortalize an annual family vacation? A wood map of your meaningful family vacation spots is a thoughtful and elegant way to do so. Find the right wood chart for you, something like a Great Lakes Map Serving Tray for your coffee table, and relieve those family memories time and time again.

Giving a memorable gift may feel daunting, but wood charts are sure to make anyone feel appreciated, especially your family. Choose a place that’s near and dear to your heart, and you’ll have the perfect gift. 

Wood Lake Maps Capture Unique Beauty 

It’s almost impossible to completely nail down the beauty of the Great Lakes—but wood maps sure do come close. With every curve and line perfectly etched, you’ll have an accurate and unique wood map to call your own. Gaze upon the Midwestern beauty with these stunning wood charts. 

The Midwest is a beautiful and beloved area of the United States, and whether you grew up enjoying the long summer days or travel there every winter to play your favorite game of cribbage with a view, you can enjoy that feeling in your very own home. Wood lake maps can transform your décor and are the perfect excuse to relive your favorite memories all day long. 

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