Cork Maps of Your Favorite Destinations

If you are looking to commemorate your latest trip or purchase a map that will remind you of your favorite vacation spot, choosing the right map can be difficult. A cork map is a perfect choice that can fulfill all your wants! They also make the perfect gift for someone in your life. But what are cork maps and where did they come from?

Where Does Cork Come From?

Great Lakes Cork Map

Cork is a completely renewable material that is harvested by peeling the bark off of cork oak trees. The bark from these evergreens regrows every 8-14 years over their 200-year lifespan. Cork trees are only harvested every nine years! Cork forests are most popular in Portugal and Spain.

Are Corks Good for the Environment?

Yes, cork is a super eco-friendly material! Cork is a natural anti-bacterial as well as biodegradable and can be easily recycled without producing toxic residues. It is also one of the most sustainable materials around today.

How is Cork Made?

Once the cork is harvested, the planks of bark are stored. They are put on pallets and then are boiled. The boiling is meant to soften and clean them. The water is filtered and replenished regularly to ensure there is no cross-contamination. Once the boiling process is complete, the planks are graded and cut into workable pieces. The remaining cork pieces are used to make corks for wine bottles!

How Thick are Corks?

The thickness of a standard-size piece of cork is 1/16”, but it can be tailored to be any thickness desired. 

3 Different Types of Cork Maps

  • Cork Board
  • Wine Corks
  • Laser-Cut

Cork Boards for Maps

Cape Cod Cork Map

Cork boards are most commonly used as bulletin boards, but many have used them to create a map by gluing the picture or making an outline with thumbtacks. Bulletin boards are most commonly found in schools and offices to hold important flyers and other information, but in-home collages on cork boards are also very popular. 

Wine Cork Maps

Wine cork maps are just like they sound. Many have saved up their wine corks and asked friends for theirs as well to make a unique do-it-yourself (DIY) masterpiece. While it takes patience, avid crafters have created stunning maps of the United States and other locations using only wine corks! 

Laser-Cut Maps

The most popular maps are laser-cut. Wood Chart takes pride in their cork maps by laser-cutting birch for the land while the water is carefully etched into the cork. Each and every detail is thought out, ensuring that the primary points of interest and well-known landmarks are accounted for. By highlighting key features and other destinations, many are able to find the perfect map for their home décor. 

5 of Our Favorite Cork Maps

  • Salish Sea
  • Chesapeake Bay
  • Cape Cod
  • Great Lakes
  • Narragansett Bay 

Salish Sea Cork Map

Salish Sea Cork Map

Our Salish Sea cork map is the perfect gift. Creating the sea by combing the Puget Sound, the Strait of Georgia, and the Strait of San Juan de Fuca, this map brings this iconic sea to life without missing any details. The topography of this map includes the shoreline from Olympia, Washington, to the Campbell River in British Columbia, Canada. 

Chesapeake Bay Cork Map

The Chesapeake Bay cork map brings this stunning place to life. Detailing the land and the sea, this board offers the best of both worlds! The Chesapeake Bay spans across six states, and our map details each one. This is the perfect map for your collection to remind you of your amazing Chesapeake Bay vacation.

Cape Cod Cork Map

If you have been lucky enough to visit Cape Cod, you know how stunning it is. Surrounded by Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, it offers beaches, lighthouses, and even whale watching. Cape Cod is a historic district that continues to be a popular destination for tourists. Our map details the landmarks in Cape Cod and other points of interest, including the numerous bodies of water surrounding it.

Great Lakes Cork Map

The Great Lakes welcome many tourists each summer to vacation on their shores. Known for their rolling seas and strong currents, the lakes are interconnected and connect to the Atlantic Ocean through the Saint Lawrence River but are entirely freshwater! This Great Lakes cork map is one of our most popular choices as each detail has been etched to perfection!

Narragansett Bay Cork Map

Narragansett Bay Cork Map

If you haven’t visited Narragansett Bay, now is the perfect time to plan your nautical trip! This seaside town is full of history and offers something for everyone. The Narragansett Bay map includes major points of interest such as Aquidneck Island, Conanicut Island, Prudence Island, Greenwich Bay, the Providence River, Bristol, Fall River, Little Compton, and Newport! Grab yours today! 

How to Display Your Cork Map

Cork maps can be displayed throughout your home in many ways. Looking for the perfect piece to complete your mantle? Our maps remain neutral in color, making them the perfect choice no matter what the theme is! Looking for a new piece of décor for your office? Look no further! Any of our maps are a great option to bring your memories of the calming sea from your latest trip into your office.

Cork Map vs. Wood Chart 

If you are struggling to decide between our cork maps or our wood maps, we totally understand! We recommend both! Our cork maps are smaller and neutral, ensuring they’ll make a perfect addition to any part of your home without being too large for a space. Our wood maps are more colorful and the perfect nautical addition to your lake house walls. Both are detailed and laser-cut to make the perfect maps.

Finding the Perfect Hand-Crafted Gift

Hawaii (The Big Island) Cork Map

Finding the perfect hand-crafted gift can be difficult. If you are looking to reminisce over your latest girl’s trip, this is a great gift for everyone in your group. If your parents used to take you on vacation to Hawaii, gift them a cork map of their favorite island. Looking for a bridesmaid’s gift? These affordable cork maps are the perfect choice, whether you gift them the location of your wedding, the place where you met, or their hometown, they make the perfect heartfelt gift!

Cork maps continue to be unique pieces of art that make the perfect gift or memorable souvenir from your trip. Our attention to detail brings your favorite places to life in sustainable cork!

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