All About Cribbage and Why You Can Play Everywhere

Close up plain wood cribbage board with two red pegsCribbage is a card game that has weathered the test of time. Nearly four hundred years old, it maintains its popularity, particularly in the northern United States and Canada, dominating game nights and uniting young and old at family gatherings. Originating in England and created by a wealthy English poet, cribbage crossed the vast ocean and it was introduced to the New World by settlers, resonating strongly with the colonists in New England.

In a world of modern devices, many find joy in the ins and outs of a cribbage game. It’s a break from screen time and busy life. Taking the time to learn to play cribbage is a nod to a simpler time. No bells, whistles, or batteries are needed, just a standard deck of cards and your cribbage board of choice. There are many reasons why this beloved game has stood the test of time, and you will soon find yourself asking the question as old as the game itself – is this a game of skill or luck?

What Does a Cribbage Board Look Like?

A high-quality cribbage board will be made of birch wood and finished with an oil-based finish to preserve the natural look of the wood. Roughly fourteen inches by fourteen inches, a board is typically a little less than one inch thick. The surface has three rows of 120 peg holes each, allowing for up to three players to play the entire board or other variants from the original two-player game.

There are extra holes on the surface of a cribbage board for

Lake Michigan Cribbage board

While scores can be kept with a pen and paper, modern cribbage boards include the extra holes to keep the scores front-and-center, as cribbage has been known through the ages to be a highly competitive game.

Cribbage Brings Friends and Families Together

Family happily playing cards while sitting around the table

Trips to the lake are filled with time together around the dinner table, snuggled close to the fire, turning off phones and other electronic devices, and tuning in to the people around us. S’mores, fuzzy slippers, and board games are always a must, and a cribbage board etched with lake art commemorating your location is a solid reason to let the games begin. Friends and family will flock to the board, knowing only two to four players can play at one time. Keeping several cribbage boards close at hand is always a good idea for larger gatherings.

The game itself has remained simple since its inception. The variations of the game have changed, but the basic supplies needed have remained consistent, which makes it easy to set up and get the fun started quickly. 

What You Need to Play Cribbage

  • cribbage board
    Hand showing deck of cards
  • standard deck of playing cards
  • two players

Whether you want to commemorate travel to the shores of the Great Lakes or an exploration of the islands of Hawaii, we have the game board for you. With our selection of lake art cribbage boards, it is easy to keep one close at hand and ensure that time spent together is filled with nibs, nobs, and plenty of stink holes!

Cribbage Boards Travel Easily

The best feature of a cribbage board is that it travels easily on any vacation. Less than one inch thick, your board will slide into an overnight bag or backpack as easily as in the side pocket of your suitcase. Made of quality birch wood and treated with an oil-based finish, lake art etched into your cribbage board will become your inspiration to collect one board for each of your favorite vacation destinations.

Italy Cribbage Board

If you take a look at the back of your functional lake art, you will discover one of the most genius conveniences of a high-quality cribbage board – the pegs are hidden in a small compartment. So, no matter where you are, you are minutes away from setting up a friendly yet competitive cribbage match.

Light, compact, and essential to include on your packing list, your board etched with lake art will be the most recognized object in any room. Make new friends in the local pub, start a friendly competition in a piazza in Italy, or hold court in your living room; these boards are a worldwide crowd-pleaser.

Cribbage Boards Start Conversations

Whether you call it Crib, Cribble, or Noddy, time at the cribbage board will invite conversation that might otherwise seem a little…odd. For example, did you call “muggins” at the start of the match or celebrate as you skunked your opponent? How about a double skunk? These are some of the terms you can anticipate hearing as you sit down for an evening at the cribbage board with friends and family.

Ireland Cribbage Board

If your boards pay homage to your vacation destinations, we think you should earn extra points! Your Gulf of Mexico or Ireland cribbage board will inspire conversation about your adventures in traveling. Having this functional piece of lake art as a background to meaningful time with others will stimulate your desire to travel again. You will want to pack your cribbage board to keep the inspiration flowing during every adventure.

Spice Up Game Night with Your Cribbage Board

Other conversations grow from your time at the cribbage table. Families and friends spend quality time away from their devices and learn more about each other, growing closer due to the good-natured competition. If you are from New England or anywhere through the northern states to the Pacific coast, chances are you will not have to look far to find other fans of the most popular of all two-hand card game.

Beginner and expert cribbage players alike know that your cribbage board is the focal point of your game. When you commemorate your travels with lake art etched into a cribbage board, you keep your memories close and invite others to share in your adventures. Lake art engraved on your board brings together the love of this popular game and your favorite travel destinations. Your high-quality, topographical board can also be a savvy game strategy—keep your opponent fascinated by the board and dominate the game!

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