Explore the topography of California and experience the adventure of your dreams! With miles of pristine beaches along the coast and crystal-clear lakes of the mountains, these 3D wood maps perfectly capture the highs and lows of the terrain in expertly etched Baltic Birch. Whether you are exploring the historic town of Santa Barbara or standing in awe of the vistas at Lake Tahoe, these pieces of lake art completely capture the land of milk and honey.

Follow the road map etched on our wood maps and you will be delighted to find San Francisco, Monterey, and San Diego with points of interest etched in laser-cut detail. Allow your eyes to scan the nautical wood map and explore the depths and shallows of the lakes in California, each offering rest, relaxation, and plenty of recreation. Bring home any – or all! – of these detailed wood charts to commemorate your California dream vacation or inspire your plan to get there soon.