Portland: Highlights of the Most Historic City on a Maine Map

There are few places in the United States more beautiful than Maine. The summers are laid-back and comfortable, while fall brings sensational color and personality throughout the state. A quick look at your East Coast map reveals the plentiful coastline, and a wood map details the topography of the land as it spreads west into the mountains.

The historic city of Portland is in the southern area of your Maine map, nestled up to Casco Bay. Portland is home to one of the most important working waterfronts in New England. A wood map shows the bathymetry of the bay, revealing the depths that have made successful shipping channels for centuries.

A day in Portland is a step back in time with its brick architecture and slow pace and yet, a celebration of modern tastes with its top-notch eateries and a vibrant craft beer scene. Be prepared to spend a couple of days exploring the 14 breweries currently open in the city but take comfort in knowing there are over 150 breweries across the state! 

Start Your Vacation with a Glance at Your Maine Map

Portland, Maine wood chart

The Portland International Jetport is a quick flight from anywhere you can see on an East Coast Map. Pick up a rental car and head a dozen miles north on I-295. To the east, you will catch glimpses of the Fore River as it flows out to the Portland Harbor. A high-quality wood map of the area will show you the complexity of the waters and islands beyond the city.

4 Main Neighborhood Districts

  • Old Port
  • Arts District
  • East End
  • West End

One look at a Maine map, and you will be hooked. The complex waterways stay to your right as you venture north, and the beautiful forestry flanks you on the left. If you visit during the fall, the leaves range from flaming red to warm orange to vibrant yellow. The words you will use to describe the experience: heaven on earth.

Where to Stay in Portland

Press Hotel in Maine

The best place to stay in Portland is downtown in the Old Port District. An extremely walkable location, check out your Maine map and you will see you are right in the heart of all there is to do in this scenic city. So, whether you are looking for something unique or just a place to rest your head at night, this city has a place for you.

Best Places to Stay in Portland

Ever wanted to have an island to yourself? Consider glamping in Casco Bay on Bates Island. A quintessential Maine experience, you will have a private ferry and island keeper to help make your stay memorable. Bates Island lies just east of Chebeague Island on an East Coast map, in the waters northeast of Portland. 

What to do in Portland

There is no shortage of fun things to do in Portland! The city itself is walkable, with many of its best features just a short trek from one another. So whether you are looking for boutiques, museums, or joining a walking tour of the historic city, there are options to keep you entertained for days. Grab your Maine map and get to stepping! 

Unique Things to do in Portland

Portland, Maine lighthouse

Maine has a significant maritime past, and time is well-spent exploring its lighthouses. Portland Head Light has a story all its own. Commissioned by George Washington, this lighthouse has been illuminating the entrance to Casco Bay since 1791. This landmark alone is worth the trip to Fort Williams Park on Cape Elizabeth. 

Where to Eat in Portland Maine

If you are a lover of food, Portland is the destination for you! Filled with high-end eateries to superior food trucks, the most challenging part of your day will be deciding if you will be enjoying breakfast, lunch, and dinner or grazing all day. (Grazing all day is the correct answer here.) While there are many international influences on the cuisine, Portland remains a waterfront staple, and its first love is lobster.

Best Places to Eat in Portland Maine

Lobster Roll in Maine

If you are up for a bit of adventure with your meal, hop the ferry to Peaks Island and enjoy the seafood genius of Island Lobster Company. This meal comes with storybook views, beaches, and bike rides to see breathtaking vacation homes. Plan to spend some time on the island. Linger over your lobster roll. Bask in the sun and relax with the ebb and flow of the water.

Whether you are on an island-hopping expedition or heading to dinner by ferry, your Maine wood map will reveal the depths of the waters you are crossing. The bathymetry of the sounds, bays, and basins on the Maine map will provide a rare perspective of the waterways and increase your appreciation of the beauty beneath the surface.

Gifts from Portland Maine

The Pine Tree State offers more than beaches and forestry, the beauty of which remains with us through photos and souvenirs. The blueberry capital of the world, lobster rolls, and other edible delights can be shipped home and enjoyed shortly after our return. Nautical Maine décor is a delight to gift or keep for ourselves, leveling up our personal space and keeping the Maine vibe with us at all times.

The best gift from any Maine trip is the East Coast map that guided you through your journey and revealed the state’s beauty at every turn. The wood map showed the waterways and basins, giving a greater appreciation of the depths surrounding the city. This Maine wood map can be displayed in your home, bringing you back to the historic city with just a glance at the topographical details.

So, bring home memories of Maine – the brilliantly colored leaves you found walking in the park, the pictures of cairns stacked along the beach, and the case of blueberry jam you simply could not resist. These will be a compliment to the high-quality wood map of Portland to keep the port city close in mind and at heart while you plan your next visit.

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