Narrowing Down the Perfect Wood Map for Your Home

The home of an adventurer is incomplete without the look and feel of the voyages that broadened their world. Bringing the travel vibe home is a top desire for the world-worn venturer, elevating their home décor to match destinations across the globe. A wood chart is the perfect addition to any home, but most especially the home of an individual whose curiosity has taken them all across the earth.

What if you have not yet had the opportunity to travel? A wood chart is an ideal enhancement for your home décor as well! Inspire dreams of wandering the mountains of Italy or whale-watching from a cruise ship on Alaska’s Inside Passage. A wood chart promotes vision and curiosity that can be satisfied when you witness the wonders of the world through exquisitely etched detail, if not through travel.

How Do You Narrow Down Your Wood Chart Options?

Italy 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

Narrowing down the perfect wood chart for your home may seem like a daunting task, but it can be accomplished quite easily. By starting with the places you have already gone and working through the destinations on your bucket list, you will quickly amass a wish list of lake art to start your collection! No doubt there is a trip that stands out in your mind, and by commemorating that adventure with a wood chart, that destination becomes the perfect first addition to your wood chart collection!

You will want to narrow down a couple details as you bring more lake art into your home décor. You want to capture the places you have gone, the places you are planning to go, and the type of wood chart that works best in your space. And, of course, you will want more than one! 

The ultimate beauty of wood charts is that they work well in any form throughout your home décor, effortlessly elevating the look of any room. The natural look of a high-end wood chart will inspire your guests to engage in delightful conversation about their travels and yours. 

The Color Palette of a Wood Chart

Lake Michigan "Fire & Birch" Series- 15" X 19"

As you narrow down the perfect wood map for your home, you want to think about the color palette of your existing home décor. Nautical vibes often have a beachy color palette, but jewel tones like navy, green, and gold can also complement your choice of lake art. 

5 Wood Chart Frames and Finishes

Fire and Birch

Classic, dark brown frame

Rustic, grey frame

Greenish-blue water color

Greyish-blue water color

The Wood Chart collection of antique white or sea glass finish in the Fire and Birch lake art makes for a stunning, subtle addition to any nautical home décor. It’s also the perfect way to add lake art into décor starting to trend toward the nautical. The frameless wood charts give an effortless elegance to any home space.

Classic wood charts feature topography and bathymetry etched in high-quality Baltic birch and hand-painted waterway colors of greenish-blue or greyish-blue. With a dark brown or rustic grey frame, these sophisticated recreations of your vacation destinations blend seamlessly with your existing home décor. Either color scheme ensures that you are bringing the perfect wood map into your home to elevate and inspire your space.

Why Bring the Nautical Vibe to Your Home Décor?

Lake Charlevoix Cribbage Board

Introducing a wood map to your home is the ideal opportunity to bring nautical vibes into your space. Nautical décor is back, but with a sophisticated twist. It is a classic look that gives a fresh and elegant feel to your home, teasing a hint of faraway shores with natural colors and textures, evoking the sea and all its natural elements. Who doesn’t want to imagine the feel of the sea breeze and the smell of salt air each day in their own home?

5 Popular Types of Wood Charts

  • Wall art
  • Wall clocks
  • Cribbage boards
  • Cork maps
  • Serving trays

Wall Art Wood Chart

Every wall begs for the addition of wall art wood charts! The intricately etched Baltic birch seamlessly connects your home décor with neutral colors and the elemental details of land and water. You want to consider the wall space in the area you want to hang your nautical home décor and then bring home the perfectly sized wood chart.

Sizes of Wall Art Wood Charts 

Large (24.5” x 31”)

Medium (13.5” x 31”)

Small (16” x 20”)

Narrow (13.5” x 43”)

You can feature all the places you have traveled on each wall of your home! Let each wood chart become the backdrop for your evenings with your family and friends, regaling them with stories of the adventures you have experienced and the beauty you have witnessed. Each wood chart can also serve as inspiration to finally book that trip – the one that gets you started on your bucket list and fans the fire within you.

Wall Clock Wood Chart

Oahu Wood Clock

When it is time to narrow down the perfect wood map for your home, consider a wall clock wood chart! A beautifully crafted wall clock that features the topography and bathymetry of your favorite vacation destination is a meaningful way to bring nautical home décor into your home. Commemorate your birthday voyage to Oahu with a wood chart that brings you joy with each tick of the clock. 

The intricate details of the lake art etched into the face of a wall clock are a certain guarantee that your travels will not soon be forgotten. Subtle in size and functional in design, the wall clock wood chart is an ideal piece of home décor to highlight nautical vibes and the traveling spirit.

Cribbage Board Wood Chart

Ireland Cribbage Board

A cribbage board wood chart serves as the ideal wood map for your home because it is a functional piece of lake art. The cribbage board elevates your home décor simply by being on display. Additionally, your Lake Charlevoix lake art will inspire stories of travel whether your pegs are traveling the board during a match or the lake art is close at hand, enticing more conversation than gameplay.

Keep in mind that a cribbage board wood chart is also a popular travel companion. Pack your Ireland cribbage board and become the most popular bloke in the pubs of the Emerald Isle! Distract your opponents with the beauty of your board at home and abroad with this perfect wood map.

Cork Map Wood Chart 

Lake Superior Serving Tray 20" X 13"

When it comes to your home décor, make an impact with a focus on the small details. A cork map wood chart is a small detail that can bring the ideal nautical wood map into your home without getting too rowdy. The natural palette of the Baltic birch and high-quality cork provides a subtle nautical statement piece of lake art in your living room, game room, or home office. 

A serving tray of Lake Superior on the desk in your home office is the perfect piece of lake art to remind you that there is no time like the present to revisit the Great Lakes! The cork wood chart may be the perfect wood map for your home due to its size and natural coloring. The perfect wood map for your home is the one that brings you the most joy, regardless of size.

Wood Chart Serving Trays

If the perfect wood map for your home is lake art that is both functional and beautiful, you have several options. The wood chart serving tray is a stunning addition to any home décor due to its beauty and ability to become the conversation piece of any gathering. Whether you are hosting a tea for two or serving mimosas at your weekly brunch with girlfriends, your wood chart serving tray is going to be the hit of the party.

New Orleans Serving Tray

It would be hard to imagine your adventures in the tea rooms of New Orleans or the bustling streets of San Francisco without picturing the roadways that lead from the heart of the city to the waterfronts. The intricately etched details on your lake art serving tray will help you recall the points of interest that held your interest and invite further exploration of these spectacular cities. 

What Makes the Perfect Wood Map?

Each wood map you choose will be perfect for a different reason. Your wall art wood chart may remind you of travel yet to come, while your wall clock wood chart may be a constant reminder of the time you lost track of minutes and focused on life-changing moments abroad. You will find inspiration in each wood chart, making it the perfect map for your home.

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