Guide for Planning Your Gulf of Mexico Vacation

The Gulf of Mexico is a body of water that holds as much power as it does beauty. The stunning blue waters of the Gulf call out to many travelers, beckoning them to dip their toes in its pristine sands and calmer waters. Calmer than what? Well, calmer than the coastline of a full-fledged ocean!

As seen on a map of the Gulf of Mexico, this expansive body of water is almost entirely surrounded by North America. Stretching from Florida to Texas, the Gulf of Mexico is the largest gulf in the world, encompassing over 600,000 square miles. In addition to the five states, the Gulf of Mexico also borders Cuba and part of Mexico.

Gulf of Mexico Cribbage Board

A great deal of the Gulf of Mexico is located over the North American Continental Shelves, so the depth is on average 5,200 feet. This depth makes the perfect watery burial ground for more than 600 shipwrecks. But look again!

The details of a 3D wood map will reveal that the deepest point of the Gulf, near Brownsville, Texas, reaches depths of 12,300 - 14,383 feet! These dramatic details highlight just one of the reasons the Gulf of Mexico is a fascinatingly beautiful destination to explore. So, pack your bags and grab your nautical wood chart of the Gulf of Mexico; we are going to plan the perfect Gulf getaway.

The Best Time to Visit the Gulf of Mexico

The best time to visit the Gulf’s shores is between March and May or September and November. The water is still a pleasant temperature in the late spring and early fall, and many seasonal tourists have completed their adventures and returned home. There are some beautiful beaches along the Gulf, and they make pretty sweet spots outside of the busy season. 

Beautiful Beaches Along the Gulf of Mexico

  • Destin, FL
  • Orange Beach, AL
  • Pensacola, FL
  • Siesta Key, FL
  • Key West, FL
  • North/South Padre Island, TX

The beaches along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico vary from sugar sand to hearty woodland coasts. You will find areas that are developed with high-rise condominiums, contrasted with miles of pristine, unspoiled shoreline. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and there is much to behold as you travel the outline of this magnificent gulf. 

Where to Stay Near the Gulf of Mexico

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Whether you are looking for a tiny house or an all-inclusive resort, you will find the perfect accommodations near the Gulf of Mexico. Consider all the states—Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas—when exploring your options for gulf-side fun. How about a road trip? There are plenty of beautiful beach towns to be found as you study your map of the Gulf of Mexico. 

Places to Stay Near the Gulf of Mexico

Get your nautical vibes on and take notes on how to bring that hand-crafted beach décor home! When you bring the sights and the sounds of the beach home with you, your vacation becomes your everyday reality. So, extend your Gulf of Mexico vacation indefinitely with a few strategically placed high-quality wood charts and other seaside treasures. 

What to do Near the Gulf of Mexico

Gulf of Mexico Clock

While there are many shipwrecks to be found in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, one look at your wood chart will reveal that the depths of the waters make that activity a little out of reach for the average tourist. Instead, you are more likely to find activities and adventures closer to shore.

Activities Near the Gulf of Mexico

The arch of land over-reaching the vast Gulf is plentiful with activities, nature trails, hiking, biking, and other activities as you follow your map of the Gulf of Mexico around each of the five states. There is a little something for everybody as you explore the beauty of the land surrounding this massive body of water.

Where to Eat Near the Gulf of Mexico

Check your 3D wood map to be sure you are exploring the Gulf Coast as you pass through the panhandle of Florida. The famed 30A is both a major thoroughfare through the region as well as a wealth of regional culinary favorites. So, plan accordingly—you will want to eat your way along this famous stretch of road and savor the distinct flavors of the Gulf of Mexico and its bounty. 

Restaurants You Cannot Miss Near the Gulf of Mexico

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Gulf shrimp is the primary bounty of the Gulf of Mexico. While there are other seafood delicacies that the region is known for, gulf shrimp is particularly popular. Equally popular are gulf stone crab and finfish such as snapper, grouper, and sea bass. Without a doubt, access to great seafood and other culinary delights is an irrefutable guarantee that you will not go hungry in the Gulf area and will most likely continue to be amazed meal after meal.

Recognizing the beauty and bounty of the Gulf of Mexico just scratches the surface of all this massive body of water has to offer. Its oil production, recreation opportunities, power supply, and various other uses make the Gulf of Mexico a viable and significant body of water for the United States and beyond. The depths of the water, as seen on a Gulf of Mexico 3D wood chart, reveal the mysteries, gifts, and energy of this remarkable body of water.

If a vacation to the Gulf of Mexico is tops on your list, you can rest assured that it won’t disappoint. While you make memories and enjoy your time away, commemorate the remarkable beauty of the Gulf of Mexico and its points of interest with a high-quality wood chart. The addition of the wood chart to your everyday décor will keep your adventures exploring the Gulf of Mexico fresh in your mind while planning your next foray to the edge of America's Sea.

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