Visiting Lake Huron

Visit the shores of Lake Huron for a vacation you won’t soon forget. The second-largest of the Great Lakes, Lake Huron, borders the eastern outline of Michigan’s “Mitten,” specifically the thumb portion. Moving north, Lake Huron blends into Lake Michigan at the storied Straits of Mackinaw.

Lake Huron is also known as the “Sunrise Side” due to the fact that it holds the eastern shoreline on the Lower Peninsula. When visiting this lakeshore, snapping photos of the sunrise is a must! It is sure to be some of the most beautiful lake art you will ever possess.

Lake Michigan Clock

Lake Huron is bordered on the north and east by the Canadian border and on the south and west by the state of Michigan. While the second largest of the Great Lakes, Lake Huron is the third-largest freshwater lake on Earth. Lake Huron also contains a staggering 30,000 islands dotting its surface area of over 23,000 square miles.

History on Lake Huron

This lake is an impressive basin created from melting ice during the last ice age, creating many channels that can still be seen on bathymetric maps.

Lake Huron has been a prime thoroughfare through the Great Lakes since the 1600s. Voyagers, traders, and missionaries have utilized this shipping route for passage, and modern-day travelers flock to enjoy the escape of a Great Lakes getaway.

Unfortunately, while many have prospered along its shores, the waters of Lake Huron can be treacherous, and many a shipwreck can be found along the frigid basin floor. 

Plan a Lake Huron Getaway

If you are looking for the ideal vacation getaway, fewer places equal the beauty of Lake Huron. This lake has the longest shoreline of the Great Lakes, providing plenty of opportunities to get your toes in the water and a blanket on the beach. However, if adventuring and exploring is more your style, you will find plenty of opportunities to wander in nature as well. 

Where to Stay Near Lake Huron

Lake Huron Wood Chart

A visit to Lake Huron practically demands you stay along the shore. With pristine turquoise waters, exceptional sunrises, stunning beaches, and historic lighthouses, you will find that everything you need is conveniently located with a water view. From rustic cabins to upscale accommodations, Lake Huron has the perfect home away from home for any taste.

Stay Near Lake Huron

No matter where you stay, the authentic nautical décor will create the vibe you expect when vacationing close to the iconic Great Lakes. Lake art abounds in restaurants, hotels, and boutiques, daring you to leave without choosing a hand-crafted gift to take home.

With much to do along the shores of the Lower Peninsula, choose your accommodations carefully. You will want to be close to everything.

Where to Eat Near Lake Huron

Harbor view of Mackinac Island from Lake Huron

When visiting the Great Lakes area, fantastic seafood is sure to be on the menu. The food scene near Lake Huron, specifically Port Huron, is not to be missed. Whether you want to find your new favorite dish, grab a quick brew, or indulge in a glass of fine wine, the independent restauranteurs of Port Huron are ready to serve. 

Best Restaurants Near Lake Huron

The variety of fare located in Port Huron is replicated throughout the Great Lakes area. You will find many memorable dishes, finding it difficult to determine exactly which one is your favorite.

Plenty of fish dishes originate from the waters of the Great Lakes, but the chefs here take foodie status to a whole new level! Spend time at lunch planning your next meal – you don’t want to miss a bite. 

What to Do Near Lake Huron

There are plenty of activities to keep you busy if you want to spend your time exploring. The shoreline also offers state parks and tempting areas to lose yourself in the sun and fresh air. How about a compromise? Check out Alpena Shipwreck Tours and enjoy a boat ride off the coast to peer down at the ghostly remains of shipwrecks in the clear waters of Thunder Bay. 

Fun Things to do Near Lake Huron

Man taking pictures at sunrise of Lake Huron

Follow the River Road Scenic Byway to take in the beauty and splendor of the Great Lakes area. Hike, ski, canoe, or birdwatch – the panoramic bluff-top views are second to none. Leave no trace and take no souvenirs. The Huron National Forest is a local treasure showcasing the natural resources of this magnificent area. 

Explore Michigan’s Lighthouses

Michigan is home to more lighthouses than any other state, and Lake Huron has more than its fair share. Fort Gratiot Lighthouse is the oldest operating lighthouse in Michigan and has been lighting the waters of Port Huron since 1825. These beacons of history have been promoting safe passage in the waters of the Great Lakes for many, many years.

Tawas Point Lighthouse on Lake Huron

Lighthouses on Lake Huron

  • 40 Mile Point
  • Old Presque Isle
  • Pointe aux Barques 

The lighthouses of Lake Huron and the Great Lakes have been the subject of legend and lore for as long as they have guarded the shores. These hard-working, long-standing beacons each have a story to tell, and perhaps a ghost or two for extra flavor. You will have to experience them in person to decide which has the best story.

Take Time to Enjoy Lake Art

Maritime history has long been memorialized in art.  Shipwrecks off the Michigan coast and sweeping landscapes of the shoreline bordering Lake Huron are showcased throughout the area. Lake art becomes a commemoration of the unique customs and traditions of the Great Lakes people who have lived their lives and made their living from these great basins.

A vacation to Lake Huron is beautifully memorialized in a high-quality wood map, complete with the landmarks and points of interest that captured your attention throughout your stay.

The bluff views, sunsets, and fabulous dining fare will stay in your memory long after your vacation has ended. Bring the vibe home with local lake art and a Lake Huron wood chart – every day will feel like a visit to stunning Lake Huron!

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