Visiting Houston: The Biggest City in Texas

Texas – it’s like a whole other country! This best state slogan fittingly describes the diverse state from north to south and east to west. Second in size only to Alaska, the terrain of Texas includes deserts, caves, mountains, canyons, and the Rio Grande River; every inch of the 268,597 square miles offers a unique view of this great state.

Ask a Texan where they vacation, and they will tell you the Hill Country, the beach, or Cowtown. All are within the state of Texas.

Houston: the Former Texas State Capital

Galveston, Texas Wood Chart

Another popular destination is the city of Houston. Originally the state’s capital, Houston has been a significant contributor to the state’s success since it was founded in 1837 by Sam Houston.

Bolstered by its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, this Texas city has been an instrumental trade route by water and train. Houston excels in culture, medicine, and research and has earned its most-famous nickname, Space City, from the vibrant space program based within its borders.

The newest nickname for Texas’s biggest city is “The Big Heart,” well-earned when Houstonians opened their hearts and homes to evacuees from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. A big city with a touch of class, Houston is a must-see on your bucket list of places to visit.

Where to Stay in Houston

Houston offers a variety of activities to suit all tastes and energy levels. If you crave outdoor recreation and beautiful vistas or the refuge of one of the largest malls in America, the largest city in Texas has you covered. There are several districts to consider when making your travel plans, including:

Districts in Houston

  • Downtown
  • Northwest
  • Uptown
  • Montrose
  • Museum District
Houston, Texas Wood Chart

If you are looking for luxury accommodations in the Downtown District, look no further than the Four Seasons Hotel Houston. Steps from fine dining, boutique shops, and galleries featuring local lake art and other treasures, the Four Seasons offers a swanky refuge at the end of each day.

Uptown accommodations offer proximity to creative cafes and The Galleria Mall. With over 400 stores, this shopping district is sure to let you shop ‘til you drop! Explore in climate-controlled bliss to your heart’s content, collecting souvenirs and hand-crafted gifts to take home to friends and family. Don’t forget a piece of lake art for yourself to commemorate your travels in this great state.

What to Do in Houston

Where to begin? This city offers a wide array of activities for residents and visitors. For those who want to explore while out in the fresh air, Menil Park and Neighborhood is a stunning destination. This 30-acre campus has outdoor sculptures scattered throughout the manicured grounds. Other unique areas of interest include: 

Unique Activities in Houston

Space Center Houston

Houston Zoo

Twilight Epiphany Skyspace

Children’s Museum of Houston

A quick 45-minute drive out of the city will bring you to the shores of Galveston, a popular beach destination for the city-dwellers of Houston. Located on a small barrier island, Galveston offers refuge and a dynamic array of recreational activities, including rest and relaxation on its many miles of pristine shoreline.

Recreation in Galveston

  • Kayaking
  • Hiking
  • Fishing
Houston, Texas

Galveston wants you to come to eat, stay, and play. This standing invitation is extended to all who venture to the shores of the bay area. In addition to outdoor activities, this Texas beach town supports a thriving art scene for both performing and visual arts. Lake art, stage performance, and historical films are available to experience year-round.

What to Eat in Houston

Houston has a solid reputation for its eateries. Rumored to top 11,000 restaurants, this Texas town knows how to throw down a spread. H-town is a melting pot of cultures and influences, most clearly noticed in its food scene. While some of the dishes may not have originated in Houston, they have certainly taken the time to perfect each one.

Iconic Food in Houston

No matter where you eat, coastal treats will be fresh and creatively prepared in this city by the sea. Houstonians are known for a clever palette and a penchant for eating out, resulting in plenty of opportunities to experience local and infused cuisine. An urban city with a lake art vibe, you will feel the ocean in the pulse of the city and the distinct seaside décor. 

Artists from Houston

Houston, Texas pinned on a map

H-town has developed a vibrant art scene and is the birthplace of some of pop culture’s most well-known artists. However they got their start, each of these artists calls Houston home and calls attention to the hometown talent of others currently developing their own artistic style. 

Pop Culture Icons from Houston

  • Beyonce
  • Megan Thee Stallion
  • Hilary Duff

Each of these pop culture icons got their start in a city that supported their growth and artistic potential, eventually moving on into a world that recognizes their talents and contribution. The greater potential of artists and makers benefits each time an artist is lifted from the vibrant Houston art scene to the world’s stage.

Houston supports a thriving art scene in its Art District, which houses more than 300+ studio spaces for local artists, designers, and makers resulting in an abundance of creativity and an encouraging arts culture.

Downtown Houston, Texas

It’s said that this Texas city has a history of supporting everything from lake art to metal sculpture due to the oil money that has flown through the city for decades. Historically, the wealthy are often patrons of the arts, and we all benefit from their support of the arts in every city, whether we live there or are visiting.

As with any voyage, the most enduring way to preserve the points of interest and relive the roadmap of our journey is with a high-quality wood chart. The elegant design and exquisite detail of each wood chart is an ideal representation of the natural beauty we see and experience on our travels. In addition, each piece of lake art inspires questions and conversation, keeping travel top of mind and wanderlust alive within us.

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