Texas Maps: Top 5 Fabulous Texas Lakes

Have you ever been to Texas? It is like a whole other country. From the plains of northern Texas to the rolling land of the Hill Country, Texas does not disappoint, nor does the lake art you will bring home from your trip.

Eagle Mountain Lake wood chart

Part of what makes Texas special is the emphasis on man-made lakes. Initially intended to provide extra water for growing metropolitan areas, these basins have created life-long memories as recreational areas offering camping, boating, fishing, and more. More than just picturesque, they are the backdrop for vacations, family reunions, and invaluable days that provide much-needed personal space.

The next time you plan a Texas get-away, consider adding these top Texas lakes to your itinerary. Each lake provides ample opportunities to “get away from it all” while “bringing you closer together” with the ones you love. Where else can you experience a win-win while basking in the beauty of Mother Nature and bring home lakes of wood to forever remember your time on Texas waters?

5 of the Most Fabulous Texas Lakes

  1. Lake Travis
  2. Lake Livingston
  3. Lake Conroe
  4. White Rock Lake
  5. Lake Ray Hubbard 

1. Lake Travis is Truly One-of-a-Kind

Lake Travis wood map
Lake Travis offers a recreational dreamscape that is unrivaled! With more than 271 miles of shoreline, this lake has space for every possible recreational outlet. The limestone basin-bottom ensures crystal-clear water for swimming, fishing, boating, and snorkeling.


The beauty of this lake is reflected in one of the stunning lakes of wood. The precisely etched lake art is a perfect representation of the bathymetry of this basin, with the shallows of the shoreline, popular for swimming and camping, accentuated. 

2. Lake Livingston is the Second-Largest Lake in Texas.

Covering over 83,000 acres and offering over 850 miles of shoreline, Lake Livingston is the perfect destination. It is a lake built over an old mining town. What? Yes, the lake’s depths lie over the old town of Swartwout, leaving a ghost town in its deepest waters nearest the dam.

Thousands of campsites line the shoreline, offering a front-row view of the waters teeming with trophy fish, including:

Lake Livingston wood mapPopular Fish in Lake Livingston

  • Large-mouth bass
  • Striped bass
  • Crappie

The lake art wood map of Lake Livingston highlights the breadth of the lake, which is home to many recreational activities, including boating, sailing, skiing, or jet-skiing. In addition, a high-quality lake of wood will reveal the many points of interest around Lake Livingston, guiding a traveler through the surrounding towns offering unique boutiques and eateries.

3. Lake Conroe is a Hidden Gem

Lake Conroe wood map
Lake Conroe is home to some of the most desirable real estate in Texas. With 157 miles of shoreline, you will find the space to enjoy relaxing activities like fishing, swimming, or boating, and the room to relax on the beaches and set up a picnic. So, whether you are there to test your water wings or enjoy a good book, Lake Conroe gives you the opportunity to find your best self!


Showcase your trip to Lake Conroe with a high-quality lake of wood etched with the points of interest and finest details of the depths and shallows. The lake art water is hand-stained and provides a unique perspective of the basin depths where you floated on a boat, trailing a fishing line, and reading that summer romance novel.

4. White Rock Lake is Full of History and Adventure

Heading to White Rock Lake at night?  Don’t stop to pick up strangers! It might be the Lady of the White Rock Lake, a popular tale in that area of the legendary lady asking travelers for a ride home. Just a few miles outside of Dallas, this lake is an urban wonder of nature!

White Rock Lake wood map

Activities on White Rock Lake

  • Rowing
  • Sailing
  • No Swimming!

Whether you are looking to hike, bike, kayak, or bird-watch, the White Rock Lake area offers an abundance of activities. As seen on a piece of lake art, White Rock Lake has mysterious depths and intricate shallows, offering solace for those who fancy a day out of the city. Plan to bring home your lake of wood to commemorate a memorable trip to this urban wonderland – the perfect escape to keep you asking, “Why should I return to the city?” 

5. Lake Ray Hubbard is an Unnatural Wonder

Lake Ray Hubbard Wood Chart

Lake Ray Hubbard is a man-made reservoir that began as a “happy accident.” The local towns needed additional water supplies, so the reservoir was built over a recreational space that was previously known as “The Bottom.” Before capturing the water in the reservoir, they intended to clear the forestry at the far north end of the lake. The forestry was never cleared, resulting in a submerged forage for the many types of fish that populate the lake. Oops!  Fantastic fishing!

The nautical lake art of Lake Ray Hubbard will bring the relaxation of the reservoir to your home. Any time of year, Lake Ray Hubbard offers sensational fishing, and the surrounding area is popular for dining, shopping, and live music. An unforgettable trip to Lake Ray Hubbard is perfectly reflected in a lake of wood, etched with points of interest and landmarks, reminding you of the beautiful sunsets and epic time with your family. 

Handcrafted Gifts to Celebrate Your Texas Trip

Galveston, Texas wood map

Any trip to a Texas lake is best celebrated with lake art, detailing the roadmap you traveled around the lake, exploring the area, and appreciating its beauty. A high-quality lake of wood reminds you of the wind in the trees, the jumping of fish, and the flight of birds you witnessed as you soaked in the unique waterways of the great state of Texas.

A Texas wood map provides the ultimate perspective for exploring the bathymetry of Texas lakes, rivers, and shorelines. The lake art provides details to the stories about creating the many man-made reservoirs. It details the depths of waters alive with top-notch fisheries and the shallows bordering the campsites and picnic areas where families enjoy quality time together.

Take the time to enjoy the many lakes of Texas! While it is big enough to be a whole other country, the waterways represent all the things that bring us closer – fun, friends, family, and a whole lot of fish!

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