Map of Seattle 3-D Nautical Wood Chart in Dark Frame
Map of Seattle 3-D Nautical Wood Chart
Topography Details on Map of Seattle 3-D Nautical Wood Chart
Map of Seattle 3-D Nautical Wood Chart in Rustic Grey Frame
Seattle Map 3-D Nautical Wood Chart
Topography Details on Seattle Map 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

Seattle 3-D Nautical Wood Chart, Large, 24.5" x 31"

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Surrounded by lush evergreen trees, Seattle embraces its title as the Emerald City and holds its place between the Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. Seattle is best known for coffee and rainy weather, but the culture and arts scene keeps this city as vibrant as it is diverse. Home to tech giants like Amazon and Microsoft, Seattle has an undeniably laid-back vibe, embracing grunge music, Pike Place Market, and a general outdoors lifestyle.

Seattle has historically enjoyed prominence as a port city, experiencing both boom and bust, reinventing itself at every opportunity. The original city of Seattle burned down in the Great Seattle Fire of 1889. The street level now serves as basements and alleyways that are explored through guided tours of Underground Seattle.

The Seattle 3D nautical wood map is created from high-quality high-quality Birch. Each piece is laser-cut to precisely replicate the shoreline and glued together seamlessly to create the bathymetry and topography of the greater Seattle area. The wood is hand-stained to create visual depth and then points of interest are etched into the wood, creating a road map of popular waterways and landmarks. The wood map is finished in a solid wood frame and protected by acrylic glass. 

Embrace your laid-back vibe and bring home the Seattle 3D nautical wood map.

Points of Interest on the Seattle 3D Nautical Wood Map:
Bainbridge Island, Bremerton, Lake Washington, Port Orchard, Renton, Shoreline, and Vashon Island

 Seattle 3D Wood Map Details:

  • Made of high-quality Birch
  • Solid Wood Frame Made to Fit
  • Laser-cut Depth
  • Engraved Names and Locations
  • Acrylic Glass Protection
  • Arrives Ready to Hang

Frame Styles:

  • Classic, Dark Brown Frame, Greenish-Blue Water Color
  • Rustic Grey Frame, Greenish-Blue Water Color