Wood Cocktail Shaker Patent Art in Frame
Wood Cocktail Shaker Patent Art

Patent Art - Cocktail Shaker

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Shake up your home bar with this classy patent art detailing the design of the cocktail shaker. Designed by Clair J. Amick of the Monarch Aluminum Ware Company of Ohio in 1936, this design sought to create an efficient drink maker that would be inexpensive to manufacture. Since Ms. Amick’s patent submission, many patents for redesigned cocktail shakers have been filed.

This recreation of the original 1936 patent features striking etched detail in high-quality Birch, giving the illusion of fine hand-drawn lines. The specific features of Ms. Amick’s design are detailed beautifully and offer an elevated perspective of an incomparable addition to the history of mixology. Your patent art comes in a custom frame, ready to hang, and is the perfect artwork to shake up conversation with guests in your home.

Patent Art Cocktail Art Details:

  • 16” x 20” Framed Wall Hanging
  • Details Laser-cut and Stained
  • Custom high-quality Birch Frame