Chesapeake Bay Tide Clock, 16.50" Diameter

Chesapeake Bay Tide Clock, 16.50" Diameter

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The Chesapeake Bay is home to many incredible things, but romantic views and delicious seafood are certainly at the top of the list. Whether you’re dreaming of a relaxing weekend getaway or an unforgettable fishing adventure, the Bay will never disappoint.

With more than eighteen million people and 3,600 species of animals and plants living along its shores, the Chesapeake Bay offers visitors and locals alike a taste of rich history and astounding beauty.

Our  nautical tide clock of Chesapeake Bay is a one-of-a-kind way to celebrate your adventures. The clock showcases the Bay’s shorelines and landscape with incredible detail. The Chesapeake Bay Tide Clock is sixteen and a half inches in diameter and features a recessed nautical map of the Bay’s landscape with a birch outline of the land. The surrounding water is hand-stained a beautiful greyish-blue and offers an incredible keepsake of the Chesapeake Bay. 

What is a tide clock and how does it work?  Fun facts: The lunar day is 24 hours and 50 minutes long & the moon is the biggest influence of the tides! Since there are two high tides each lunar day our tide clocks rotate every 12 hours and 25 minutes. Quartz tide clocks are perfect for the more predictable tides of the Eastern United States. You can always set your tide clock by either a quick internet search for high tide in your area for the next high tide, or set it monthly at the full or new moon.

We are map geeks! So naturally we have the most detailed map Tide Clocks on the market.

Chesapeake Bay Tide Clock Details:

  • Made of high quality birch
  • 16.50” diameter
  • Laser-etched contours and landmarks
  • Powered by a single AA battery
  • Ready to hang

Please note: The tides on the US West Coast and Gulf of Mexico are too unpredictable for quartz tide clock mechanisms, therefore we do not offer those locations.

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