The beauty of the Midwest is captured in our nautical wood maps. The visually stunning details in these Midwest 3D maps will give you a unique perspective of the topography and natural waterways that occur throughout the landscape. From the Great Lakes to the lakes of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio, these wood lakes will hold your attention and elevate your home décor.


Our lake art is intricately etched in high-quality birch and reveals the points of interest, water depth, and roadways of each Midwest lake in eye-catching detail. Explore the hand-stained waterways and laser-cut shorelines, deepening your love for the Midwest and its incredible bodies of water. Study the measured depths extending out from the laser-cut precision of the shoreline, easily finding the location of each family vacation and trip with friends spent along the shores. Revisit memories of times spent navigating the waters of the Midwest in each of our carefully cut wood lakes and fuel plans for your next trip back.


Each state and its lakes are beautifully depicted on these Midwest 3D maps and inspire further exploration! The bodies of water are expertly etched into birch, sealed with an acrylic layer, and finished in a custom wood frame. Bring home the warmth and hospitality of the Midwest with these nautical wood lakes.