Why Would Someone Buy a 3D Wood Map?

When traveling, we tend to leave a little bit of room in our suitcases to bring home a special something from where we visit - a souvenir of some sort. Memories are for the making, and it is fun to reminisce. Tired of the same old shot glasses, coasters, and T-shirts? Hand-crafted 3D wood maps are both art and reminders of that wonderful location where you have spent an eventful holiday.  

What is a Wood Cut Map?

Chesapeake Bay 3-D Nautical Wood Chart, Large, 24.5" x 31"

Our 3D wood maps are made by utilizing bathymetric charts, which are the ocean equivalent of topographic maps. Utilizing laser cutters, our artisans create detailed landscape wood cut maps from the highly prized hardwood, birch. They then hand-stain the waters our distinctive blue-green that assures you that the wall art you have purchased is one of ours.

After the 3D wood map has been laser-cut, it is then secured with our special glue into layers. Once done, it will be housed within our custom wood frame and covered with thin acrylic glass to allow for a clear view. Our wood cut maps will last for generations! 

What are Topographic Maps?

Topographic maps are maps that have detailed representations of all the features, man-made and natural, that appear on the earth’s surface and their elevations. Topographical maps are traditionally presented as a two-dimensional representation of the three-dimensional earth’s landscape. The main thing that differentiates this type of map from others is the use of contour lines to show the shape and elevation of the land. 

Topographic maps include:

  • Lakes
  • Mountains
  • Roads

What Else Can 3D Wood Maps Be Used For?

Ireland Cribbage Board

Buying a wood cut map doesn’t need to be for memories alone. You can pick a location that’s on your bucket list, to remind you of your dream. Place a piggy bank by this wall art and start your savings! Perhaps a 3D wood map from your favorite book or movie locale to partner with a dynamic movie poster or lithograph would liven your interior design.

With several frame colors to choose from, there is a map to fit everyone’s home décor style. Wood cut maps come in both large and small sizes, fitting all home wall art needs. Each one arrives beautiful and ready to hang. 

What Other Forms can a 3D Wood Map be Made Into?

Your 3D wood map can be more than just a decorative wood cut map to revive your travel memories. And our laser-cut pieces of wall art can be more than just beautiful maps. We have several variations to meet every person’s interest!

A 3D Wood Map Can Be:

Wood Decorative Clock

Cape Cod Clock

Our decorative clocks begin with a laser-cut piece of birch wood that depicts the topography of your location of choice. A second layer is then added after it has been hand-stained our distinctive blue-green to represent the beauty of the water. The laser etching showcases points of interest.

Each second sweeps past locations of note, so you and your visitors can remember tales to tell. Is it a place you’ve visited or one you dream of? The clock strikes a perfect note, whether it is a gift for you or for a loved one.

One of our favorite decorative clocks is our Cape Cod clock. Whether your preference lies in Martha’s Vineyard or in Nantucket, all points of interest are represented in this incredibly detailed 3D wood map. Our clock, showcasing the more than 400 miles of shoreline, will always give you a gorgeous nautical reminder of your time spent in this coastal area of New England. 

Carved Wood Cribbage Board

Our 3D wood map cribbage boards do more than remind you of destinations where you have passed a merry day – they double as game boards for one of the world’s most beloved card games! Cribbage is believed to have originated in the 17th century with Sir John Suckling, an English poet and gambler. Its popularity and standardization are credited to Charles Dickens and his depiction of cribbage in his novel, “The Old Curiosity Shop.”

Our Ireland Cribbage board brings a Gaelic flair to your next game night! Whether it is a happy reminder of your last jaunt to the Emerald Isle, a nod to your heritage, or a look to a visit yet to come, our cribbage board is a gorgeous depiction of the Land of Saints and Scholars. This wood cut map covers the 32,500-plus square miles of the beautiful, lush country in Western Europe. 

Laser-Cut Wood Wall Art

Great Lakes 3-D Nautical Wood Chart, Large, 24.5" x 31"

Our wood cut maps arrive with a custom wood frame in a selected color and ready to hang. Arrange the 3D wood map by itself, striking with a gallery light shining directly on it, or put the wall art with smaller items surrounding it and make it a curated collection. No matter how you hang your nautical wall art, friends and family alike will be sure to detour directly to it and discuss the many points of interest.

Our Great Lakes wood cut map hanging on your wall is certain to inspire delight in people when they come to visit. Whether you are a local or headed there for vacation, this 3D wood map features the beauty of Michigan’s Great Lakes. The Great Lakes, an interconnected group of freshwater lakes that connect the Atlantic Ocean to the Saint Lawrence River, are the largest freshwater lakes on Earth. With more than 35,000 islands to explore across the lakes, the memories will be as plentiful as the fish waiting to be found.

Wood Map Serving Tray

Manhattan Serving Tray 20" x 13"

For a unique take on our wood cut maps, we have our serving trays that are made a little differently. Because we need things to be able to lay flat, we have the land slightly raised over the water, with the surrounding topography laser etched into the surface of the tray. Covered with an acrylic glass top, your serving tray is ready to present tea for generations.

Gift a Manhattan Serving Tray to someone who has just moved to the Big Apple, and they can learn the streets as they invite people over! All the exciting points of interest of one of the most fascinating cities in the world are laser-cut into the wood in beautiful relief. The serving tray can double as an art piece when not called into action.

3D wood maps are handmade works of art that are more than just a reminder of where we have been or where we want to go. They are tangible visions of the world as it is. We can trace our fingers along the roads and points of interest of far-off places and tell our stories. Life is meant to be lived and our experiences create who we are. Wood cut maps help to illustrate our memories.

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