Your New York Vacation: Don’t Miss a Thing!

Full of new experiences, endless activities, and top tourist destinations, New York is an amazing place to vacation. While you can pull up a map of New York, it doesn’t do this amazing state justice. Even a map of the East Coast only touches on a tiny aspect of New York and all it has to offer. Planning your trip can feel overwhelming, but don’t worry – we highlighted the best New York Vacation Spots, so you won’t miss a thing!

Where is New York?

5 Boroughs of New York 3D Nautical Map

A map of the East Coast shows New York sitting between Connecticut and New Jersey. If you have pulled up a map of New York, it can feel daunting due to the state’s size. With a population of almost 9 million, New York prides itself on being able to offer so much to its residents.

Many refer to the whole state as New York State and say New York when they’re referring to New York City. New York City is the state’s capital and can feel like a state within a state.

Planning Your Itinerary for Your New York Adventure

New York offers tourist destinations all throughout the state. While The Big Apple offers a list of things that could take you a year to accomplish, other parts of New York, like the Upstate, also offer amazing activities you can’t miss! So how do you decide where to go? It all depends on what piques your interest! 

5 Top Things to Do in New York:

  • Museums
  • Sports
  • Entertainment
  • Food
  • Tourism

Since New York is so large, we didn’t want you to miss anything that would be at the top of your list. Broken into the most popular categories, you can plan your entire trip around one of them or focus on a few. If you know you will be making more than one trip, focus on one category for each trip until you complete them all!

5 Museums to Get Lost In


Museums have come a long way over the years, turning many exhibits into interactive experiences and offering new exhibits each year. Ask any New York resident for a museum recommendation and these will be at the top of the list. If you’re looking to add more museums to your agenda, these handy guides are available for you to map your tour of New York museums. 

Plan Your Ideal Trip Around Your Love of Sports

New York has many teams for sports enthusiasts to support, but the state the sport is best known for is baseball. The New York Yankees have won countless World Series and been home to some of the greatest baseball players of all time. Take a scenic drive to Cooperstown, NY, to see the sport’s stars when you visit the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Staten Island, New York 3-D Nautical Wood Chart, Large

If you’re from the area, you know that New York and Massachusetts sports teams have one of the greatest rivalries in sports history! The longest-standing rivalry is between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox, and it all began in 1919 when the Red Sox sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees. The other big rivalry between the two states is between football’s New York Giants and New England Patriots, as the Giants beat the Patriots in two championship games, one of them ruining their perfect 16-0 season.

The Best Entertainment in New York

New York City is home to the famed Broadway. Located in Midtown Manhattan, the theatre district is home to countless different shows filled with amazing talent every day of the week! If you aren’t sure if you can fit in a show before you arrive, keep an eye on TKTS. This lottery-based system sells same-day tickets to Broadway shows at a discounted rate! Many people were able to score Hamilton tickets this way.

Off-Broadway shows are another amazing entertainment choice. Whether you are watching the next biggest hit without even knowing it or a well-known play ramping up a new cast, off-Broadway shows are very affordable and easy to score tickets for! If seeing a show is a must during your visit, consider an off-Broadway show. You won’t be disappointed!

Manhattan Serving Tray

The New York City Ballet and American Ballet Theatre are other excellent options to see an amazing show full of talented people. Many of these ballet dancers train night and day and eventually make their way to the Broadway stage.

Another great way to experience the arts during your trip is at Carnegie Hall. Filled with different types of artistic talent, the venue hosts many events for visitors to choose from!

The New York Philharmonic is one of the leading American orchestras and is known for bringing some of the greatest musical talents together to create stunning pieces. Looking for an unforgettable show? The Radio City Rockettes are the world’s most prestigious dance company. They work all year long to put on an iconic show during the holiday season.

Popular Food Places for Every Palate

It’s almost impossible to put together a list of the best places to eat throughout New York. The city alone has so many amazing places to check out, from Michelin-starred restaurants to a family-owned restaurant that has been in business since 1888. No matter where you choose to dine, you can’t go wrong. Just don’t forget to grab a delicious cupcake from Magnolia Bakery for dessert! Some New York maps are purely dedicated to helping you find a great place to eat, so don’t forget to plot your course!

New York Vacation Spots You Don’t Want to Skip

Empire State Building, New York Sunset

New York is filled with some of the best tourist spots in the country. Start by visiting the Empire State Building, a 102-story skyscraper, before making your way to Central Park. Central Park covers 843 acres and is filled with activities, tours, and people enjoying the outdoors with friends. It is one of the most famous parks in the world!

Spend the day taking a trip to Ellis Island and visiting the Statue of Liberty. You can book a tour and visit Lady Liberty’s museum. Finally, the 9/11 memorial tells the story of the tragic events that took place in 2001. It’s a beautiful tribute that helps us remember those we have lost by keeping their memories alive.

New York Wood Maps to Commemorate Your Trip!

Souvenirs have been around for ages, and many travelers purchase them as a reminder of their trip. It can be any size and any object. Some people collect magnets, some collect shot glasses, and some collect wood maps. No matter what you choose, you can’t go wrong.

Our selection of New York wood maps, including New York City and East Coast wood map options, covers all the top New York Vacation Spots. If you are making trips up and down the coast, collect our hand-crafted wood maps for your souvenir collection. These gorgeous pieces of art also make the perfect gift or home décor!

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