Five Favorite Wood Cribbage Boards

Every week, you look forward to this one evening. The evening you get together with your friends for fun and frivolity. It is the opportunity for you to display not only your Game Night prowess but your incredible taste in board games.

For you, cribbage is not merely an option; it is the only option. Every week, you enter the festivities with your personal wood cribbage board and your friends are in awe of the high-quality workmanship of this piece of lake art. If only they could each have one of their very own.

They can – and they will! Your favorite people in the world - your game night gang - have no idea that while you cleverly sweep each cribbage series with a win, you are also gathering information on their favorite vacations and potential travel destinations. You are not only a cribbage-playing genius; you are a gift-giving phenom.

Your personal cribbage boards were inspired by a few of your favorite travel adventures. Each time you look at your Ireland, Italy, and Hawaii cribbage boards, you are transported back to the sights, sounds, and things you felt in those places. So naturally, you want the same feeling of joy for your friends. That is why you will be buying high-quality wood cribbage boards as gifts for each of them this year, starting with five absolute favorites.


Five Favorite Wood Cribbage Boards You Must Give as Gifts

  1. Ireland
  2. Lake Tahoe
  3. Lake Michigan
  4. United Kingdom
  5. Cape Cod


1. Ireland Cribbage Board

Ireland Cribbage Board WoodChart

Since your first time to the Emerald Isle, you have been able to talk of little else. Your friends know it is an island you yearn for in your heart, and you talk every year about returning with the whole game night group. The warmth of the pubs and beauty of the cliffs are as clear in your memory as the day you lived it.

The wood cribbage board of Ireland gives exquisite detail of the waters that lapped at the craggy cliffs and highlights several of your favorite cities – Dublin, Galway, and Cork. You study the intricate depths of the Atlantic Ocean and the Irish Sea and remind yourself that you will cross the pond again soon!

The gift of an Ireland wood cribbage board is a bit of a win-win; you give the gift to your game night friend but still get to gaze at its awesomeness as you play on it week after week.


2. Lake Tahoe Wood Cribbage Board

Lake Tahoe Cribbage Board Woodchart

Lake Tahoe is a stunning destination. But, even more electrifying than the town of Lake Tahoe is the lake itself. Magical in every way, the fragrant meadows and alpine forests are ingrained in your memory.

Still, the pure lake water draws your mind’s eye, and you find yourself memorizing the shoreline on your favorite Lake Tahoe lake art. Your friend has shared fond memories of time in Lake Tahoe, biking the Pope Baldwin Bike Trail and spending the day at Sand Harbor Beach. Perhaps your Lake Tahoe wood cribbage board brings you more luck than the others? That is a gift you want to share.


3. Lake Michigan Cribbage Board

Lake Michigan Cribbage Board Woodchart

Memories of travel to Lake Michigan are unlike any other. Your trips to The Mitten were spent along her shores, climbing the dunes and swimming in the coves by day and dancing by bonfires on the sandbars at night. 

The details of this impressive piece of lake art will recapture the most significant moments of their time away and offer the opportunity to relive it time and again, each time the wood cribbage board comes into view.

Your dear friend can recall their love of Lake Michigan over and over while playing their favorite card game with this hand-crafted lake art, and that is a feeling you want to share with friends.


4. The United Kingdom Wood Cribbage Board

United Kingdom Cribbage Board WoodChart


The gift of a United Kingdom wood cribbage board is a nod to history, beauty, elegance, and royalty. The memories made in the historic cities across the country are steeped in tradition and class. The wood cribbage board offers the U.K in precise detail, etching city names and creating visual depth in the waterways that evoke instant memories of the sights experienced.

When traveling through England, Scotland, and Ireland, the comfortable feeling of “home” pervades every guesthouse, pub, and sweet shop. This feeling is recreated in the gift of a United Kingdom wood cribbage board, and you are renowned as a brilliant gift-giver.


5. Cape Cod Wood Cribbage Board

Cape Cod Cribbage Board Woodchart

The Boston accent abounds in beautiful Cape Cod, and the locals love to insert Cape flavor into each visitor experience. From day trips to Martha’s Vineyard to walking in the footprints of John F. Kennedy in Hyannis Port, Cape Cod is a unique mix of stunning landscapes and breathtaking waterways.

Each day traversing the Cape brought great food, interesting people, and spectacular sunsets – all of which are readily recalled in a glance at a Cape Cod wood cribbage board. The details are captured masterfully and pull at the heartstrings, begging for a return trip and creating the perfect gift for that adventuring friend who just returned from P-town.

Your favorite gifts to give will always be those that capture the receiver’s personality and show that you have been listening. Masterful lake art in the form of wood cribbage boards will be the most meaningful gift your friend will receive on any special occasion. You honor your friend’s travel experience with this gift and help continue to bring their journey to mind long after they have returned home.

Above all, the wood cribbage board reflecting their most treasured vacation destination shows that you care about what matters to them, and you have regifted that experience in the classiest way, sparing no expense in quality.

When they are wiping away tears of gratitude and expressing your epic status as a gift-giver, remind them you can now beat them at their own game – literally – as the emotion of the moment pass

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