There is a lot to love about Canada, and residents and visitors alike can’t get enough of the wildlife, geography, and friendly people of the Great White North. When commemorating a special trip to your favorite Canadian destination, consider a 3D wood map that highlights the beauty of the land. With precision and elegance, each Canadian wood map is worthy of being prominently displayed so that all can see your favorite haven.


At WoodChart, each Canadian wood map is constructed with high-quality materials to be a beautiful addition to any room. Birch wood is laser etched with prominent details of the area while bathymetric charts are used to accurately depict the depths of lakes, rivers, and oceans. By layering birch wood, staining the wood representing water, and including specific features, artists make stunning maps that are worthy of display.


Wood maps of Canada include charts of the Great Lakes, the Salish Sea, Vancouver, and more. Choose from wood charts, cork maps, serving trays, cribbage boards, and wood clocks for a variety of ways to showcase your love for the Canadian landscape. Whether you prefer the bustling city streets of Toronto or the quiet lake life of Lake Champlain, there is a Canadian wood map for you.