The east coast of the United States features incredible landscapes ranging from Acadia National Park in northern Maine to the beautiful beaches of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean. Our 3D wood maps showcase the fantastic topography of locations throughout the east coast and make a wonderful gift for yourself or someone special to you.

The east coast has everything you need for a perfect vacation or permanent lifestyle change. From stunning sunrises over the ocean to crystal clear lakes surrounded by snowcapped mountains, the memories you make here will last a lifetime.

Each nautical wood map is made using layers of laser-cut Baltic birch, which are then stacked and glued together to create the depth and dimension that our maps are known for. An artist hand-stains the surrounding water and etches points of interest and other landmarks into the map’s surface. Each lake art wood map is then finished with a custom wood frame and layer of ultra-transparent acrylic to protect the design for years to come. No matter what place speaks to your soul, our east coast wooden 3D maps have something for everyone.