Block Island wooden cribbage board

Block Island Cribbage Board

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If you enjoy historic lighthouses and incredible ocean views, the beauty of Block Island is something you cannot miss. With the smell of salt air and the sound of gulls overhead, there’s something incredibly picturesque about the small New England getaway that makes this island retreat feel like a piece of heaven.

Block Island has been a part of the Rhode Island landscape for thousands of years. First discovered by the Narragansett Indians, the island was known as Manisses, which translates to “Island of the Little God.” Today, the beautiful landscape is kept pristine by the designation of nearly half the island as a nature preserve.

Our Block Island Cribbage Board adds a nautical aspect to your favorite card game, thanks to the laser-etched map that adorns the front of the board. Each wood map cribbage board allows for up to three players and comes complete with skunks, pegs, and a hidden storage compartment in the back of the board. Our wood cribbage boards are cut, etched, and then treated with an oil-based finish to preserve the beautiful grain of the natural wood. Store the lake art cribbage board on a table or hang it on the wall using the nail slot in the back.

Block Island Cribbage Board Details:

  • Measures 14” x 14” by ¾”
  • Laser-etched contours and landmarks
  • Three players
  • Includes skunks and pins

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