Michigan is truly the heart of the Midwest. Divided between two peninsulas, Michigan enjoys the unique position of bordering each of the Great Lakes and harboring a few stunning basins within its mitten-shaped mainland. Our 3D wood maps offer a detailed perspective of the Great Lake State with all its pristine shorelines and stunning, uniquely Michigan topography.

From the depths of the Great Lakes to the coves and inlets surrounding The Mitten, each map reveals new details in the Michigan topography every time you explore each wood map. The intricate details bring back memories of days exploring the roadways and points of interest across the winter wonderland, each area more visually stunning than the last.

These pieces of lake art offer an interesting perspective, detailing the shores of The Mitten and its waterways, and recreating a visual road map featuring the top spots throughout the topography of Michigan. Each wood lake inspires a closer look to explore the depths and shallows and encourages a return trip – or a first trip! – to Michigan. Bring the combined beauty of The Mitten and the U.P. to your home with these high-quality nautical wood maps.