The Hawaiian Islands are some of the most beautiful and remote locations on Earth. The state gets its name from a legendary figure in Hawaiian mythology, Hawai’iloa, who was said to have discovered the islands. Today they remain rich in culture, adventure, and a lifestyle that is unmatched.


From pristine white sand beaches and stunning blue waters to incredible mountains and active volcanos, the Hawaiian Islands are one of a kind. Where else can you enjoy the sound of a splashing waterfall in the morning, a hike to a volcano at lunch, and crashing waves on the beach at dinner? From romantic getaways to incredible adventures, Hawaii is waiting for you.


Our 3D nautical wooden maps embrace the topography and expansiveness of Hawaii in a truly unique way. Our lake art maps feature laser-cut layers of Baltic birch. The water is hand-stained, and points of interest are etched into the map’s surface before being finished with a solid wood custom frame.